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Nicholas David Klacsanzky : Poet and Pundit

The Way of the Saint


This is a small book I have been working on, focusing on seekers of truth and giving them a guide to become a saint. It is still in the beginning stages...

The Way of the Saint


One became all,

all became one.




            A Saint is one who has become the pure spirit.




            The purpose of being a Saint is to bring every being to the full realization of its universal self or God-self. All God wants is for us to become God. For what can be more joyful than watching a manifestation of the whole, lost in itself, fully realize its oneness? For what can be more joyful than to witness the darkness finding its light within? For what can be more joyful than watching a mere seed of ignorance become the blossomed tree of wisdom? For what can be more joyful to experience than God fully realizing that he is God?

            Everyone is already at the end of the destination. We are already God. But we must play the journey, the quest back to God. For God has put itself under a trance of ignorance, creating the soul. The formless, indescribable God is ever there, yet he has manifested itself many times as people, plants, and animals Now we are on the voyage back to the eternal ocean; we must remember and realize all our wisdom and purity once again.

Principle: Necessity

We must do only what the divine wants and not what the ego wants. Everything we do should be necessary; anything that is not working towards the pure desire of God is not necessary. The pure desire of God is to see his light flowing through everyone; for everyone to be the pure spirit.

But doing only what is necessary does not mean abandoning the sustenance of your being. We must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. We must be balanced to make others balanced. We must be an expression of God to express God. We must be pure to purify. For if the well of our spirit is not full, how are we to fill the well of other spirits to fullness?

Divine Qualities:

            In order to fully live in necessity, we must become an embodiment of divine qualities. Without divine qualities, our perception of what is necessary is distorted.

Innocence, as it is the source of all divine qualities, should be recognized first. Innocence is the source of all divine qualities for one reason: Innocence is what God is. The innocence that is being stated is not only the judicial innocence of merely being non-guilty, but the divine innocence in which reside purity, divine discretion, wisdom, and absolute joy.

Innocence is the source of all divine qualities for one reason: Innocence is what God is.

Purity, as it is the state of complete cleanliness of being, is what a Saint is. He is an embodiment of purity. For what is pure is necessary and what is necessary is pure.

Divine discretion, as it is the gift of correct judgment, is the guide on the path. For one must know what is right or wrong to know what is necessary.

Wisdom, as it is the light of God-knowledge within, are your shining gems of truth. For without the light of God-knowledge within, we would only know darkness.

Absolute joy, as it is the silent breath of the divine, is the ultimate state of being. For when the illusion of the mind has been cleansed to purity, there remains absolute joy.

Pure attention, as it is the eye of God, is your light to shine through the darkness. In pure attention, there resides creativity, pure knowledge